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About GC Kids

GC Kids is all about having kids discover that they are deeply loved by God and were created for a purpose.

Our goal is to create an engaging environment where every child can learn that God is good, God loves you, and God is always with you. We encourage the building of godly relationships among their peers and leaders, a love for God through praise and worship, and what it means to be a devoted follower of Jesus.

GC Kids Mission

Our mission is to have children understand that they were made for big things.

We believe that parents are the most important part of a child’s spiritual walk. We aim to partner with parents to set them up to win in in their everyday moments with their child.


Sundays 8:30 AM /10:00 AM / 11:30 AM

Early Childhood (Birth - Age 5)

  • Your infants will experience personal care from our loving and well-trained team of volunteers in a space where they feel safe and loved.
  • In preschool, children start to engage more with their church experience and form relationships with their peers and their teachers.
  • Each week preschoolers experience worship, biblical teaching, and application activities that emphasize biblical truth

Elementary (K5-5th Grade)

  • In our Elementary environment, your children will experience ministry designed just for them.
  • Your child will learn about the Bible and how to have a personal relationship with God.
  • We organize our weekly experiences to help children build a Biblical foundation through engaging worship, biblical teaching, and small groups.

Checking into GC Kids

What to expect when bringing your kids to GC Kids

All children birth-5th grade will need to be checked in at GC Kids Check-In using a computer kiosk located in the lobby.

At check in you will receive a name tag, for every child, and a matching an alpha-numeric security tag for the parent/guardian.

At pick you will need to present your security tag at the classroom before your child is released.

In the event we need to contact you during the worship experience, we’ll send you a text message to notify you. Please keep your phone on vibrate and accessible during the worship experience.

Generosity makes a difference


Baptism is an outward sign of an inner change. Follow what Jesus did and show everyone that you are a follower of Jesus.
If your child, 7 years and older, would like to be baptized visit the link below. Make sure you watch the video with your child and fill out the online form.

Child Dedication

Child Dedication is for parents to commit to raising their child in Christ alongside the church.If you want to dedicate your child, birth – 6 years old, sign up by filling out the form at the link below.

What is Baptism?

What is Salvation?