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At Generation Church we are committed to inspiring students to follow Jesus. As we meet together, we are stirred in our faith and are encouraged to live for a mission bigger than ourselves.

Becoming part of The Dream Team provides an opportunity for you to step into God’s purpose for your life.

The Dream Team is made up of people who invest their time, talents and unique gifts and abilities to build the church community and inspire a generation to follow Jesus. Whether it’s serving coffee, greeting guests or serving in production, the Dream Team connects you with the family, builds lasting friendships, grows your faith and helps you fulfill your destiny.

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Dream Teams


Lights, cameras, action! Broadcast team members have a heart to get the life-saving message of Jesus Christ to the world through social media, live stream broadcasts, and video technology.

Coffee Bar

The GC Coffee Bar team creates an encouraging environment to build relationships and to nurture friendships while providing a quality cup of coffee.


Women of all ages from all over Palm Beach County gather to celebrate, learn and be inspired to live Christ-centered lives. Devoted events are held at various times during the year.


Men of all ages throughout Palm Beach County gather to be inspired and to inspire one another to rise up and be the leaders God called them to be. Emerge events are held at various times during the year.

GC Kids

GC Kids team members love kids and sharing the love and good news of Jesus with children of all ages

GC Students

GC Students team members have a heart to disciple and lead middle school students as they grow in their walk of faith. Relevant teaching, fun activities, dynamic worship and building relationships define this ministry.


Gracious, cheerful, welcoming greeters give the first impression of the church body and plays a crucial role in preparing the heart, mind and attitude of each person who walk through the doors.

Growth Track

Making connections with God, the body of Christ and the GC family happens at Next Steps. Next Steps team members provide a warm and welcome environment, help people make connections, and encourage them to take their next step, whatever that step may be.

Guest Central

Guest Central specifically ministers to first-time attenders. It’s a place to make that first connection, where information is geared toward helping guests take their next step in their relationship with God and the church.


Hospitality is more than setting a beautiful table or serving food, it is making people feel welcome, wanted, and worth every effort to meet and anticipate their needs. It’s 5-star service in presentation, quality and care. The extravagant love of Jesus is represented by the Hospitality team.

Info Bar

Connection with the church and with Jesus Christ is made at the Info Bar. Through the Info Bar, we inform, direct, guide and serve the people who seek to engage in any aspect of Generation Church. Info Bar team members themselves are well connected in many levels of the church to best minister to those with questions or needs. Through the Info Bar we strive to exceed expectations in hospitality and service.

Life Group Leaders

We believe God has placed ministry in every believer’s heart. Life Group Leadership is the place to turn your passion into a ministry that makes a difference in other people’s lives.


Worship starts in the parking lot. The Parking team gives guests the first impression of Generation Church and set the tone for a positive worship experience. Team members direct guests to parking spaces, gives assistance if necessary and set-up and break-down GC banners and signs.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care team manifests the love, wisdom and patience of God and Jesus Christ. Team members generously breathe life into the needy, shed light in the darkness, pour out living water to the thirsty, and compassionately love people in real, tangible ways.

Prayer Team

At GC, prayer is our lifestyle. The Prayer Team is our covering for all that happens within the church and within the church family. Whether it is praying over sickness or over the sermon, the Prayer Team intercedes on behalf of every aspect of our ministry.


Creating an environment that allows intimate connection with God, the Holy Spirit and the life-giving message of the gospel motivates the Production Team to serve with excellence in every detail. Visual effects, audio effects and action are executed with intention and precision so guests, members and leaders are free to focus on their relationship with the Lord.


Ushers do more than guide guests to seats and collect the offering. Ushers set the stage for a positive worship experience. They ensure an environment of peace, safety, and order to help facilitate deep, personal worship experiences for our guests and leaders.

Worship Team

The heart of the Worship Team is to lead people into the presence of God through music. Worship team members are the conduit through which people connect to the grace of God. Creating an atmosphere of worship to prepare hearts to receive the message of hope and freedom is our purpose.

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